dimanche 16 janvier 2011

chapter 6 : a miracle

You can have an accident with your motorcycle hitting a couple of cars with your body and crash with your head the front of a truck and not dying.

You can hit about ten cars, and not even understanding what is going on but you don’t have a scratch..

You are on a plane looking at its back engine (for the passionate a DC9 plane) while it suddenly starts being enveloped by flames, but you survive.

And… all these things are not miracles.

Years ago, somebody I know had a trip to Fatima. I have to say I knew the name of this place had something to do with Jesus mother apparition, but I didn’t know more about it than most of us. Today is very easy to find documentation thanks to internet. Fatima is the story of the apparition of this very special lady to three shepherd children. The thing that I didn’t know was this Lady promised a miracle for the last of her apparition and specified the date. You can imagine how people would react to this kind of announcement: believers and non believers would gather there on that day. The believers ready to reinforce their faith if what has been promised would produce non believer to comfort their position if nothing would have happened. So at the end in that day there were about 70.000 people, including reporters and newspapers. And something really happened and this something was called the miracle of the sun.

It was for me a miracle…maybe…but I couldn’t care less.

So it seems I was miracle proof.

The reason was quite simple: I was already living a truth and was a very convincing one. It was the truth of an inner world made of feelings, made of what I felt it was good and profitable for me and what instead was bad and inconvenient: I was living the evangel of myself.

You can read and do whatever you like: at the end at the best you would end up believing in the wrong things that make you feel better.

I had a miracle. And this miracle was working like a cancer spreading inside my old being and destroying it little by little.
And the more it was destroying me the more my heart was opening, and the more my heart was opening the more strange things were happening to support me.

But I was not seeing angels yet.

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