dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Few final words:

It is unreal. It is not possible that all of this happened. This is what we felt while writing and reading this story. We thought that it was unbelievable enough even for us that we have lived it. So one question came spontaneously to us as maybe it will come also to you: why all this? Why all this just for two person to be together? Two person that are not special at all, in any way. We don’t have the answer yet. And to be reasonable it is very unlikable we will ever have it. Who knows. But it happened.
Maybe everyone of you has his own personal answer to it.
We have tried to do our best to write just real happenings without any personal interpretation.
We have tried to do the same way somebody walking hit by a flower vase would have done: I had been hit by a flower vase. Without telling his feeling, his suppositions, and the reason why it happened. His feeling and suppositions could have changed depending if he had sleeped well the night before, if in his heart there was hate or love, if he was alone or in love, if was in a hurry or not, and ultimately and not for this reason the least important if his head was hard or delicate. All this things could have changed a lot his perception. But the fact will rest the same: he has been hit by a vase of flower.
For the curious: now both of us are deeply Christians, as far as our faith allows us to be, in our heart and in our behavior.

When the heart cries for what it has lost, the soul smiles for what it has found

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